“I’ve used the Mate-Mist air-fresheners for years and they are the only thing I feel comfortable using. I appreciate your products because they are made in America and use natural ingredients. I don’t have to worry about them damaging my lungs. Even my kids who now have homes of their own still use them. My wife and I were excited when the Citrus-Mate Laundry came out and have recently switched over. We couldn’t be happier with everything from you.”

-Thomas Reinholt

All Natural Ingredients

“I have used Citrus Mate products for years (particularly the Lime Mate Mist). Not only is it well-made and designed, it does everything that it claims, it really gets rid of bad smells, it doesn’t just cover them up. In addition, on the rare occasions when I had a problem either with the packaging or delivery, customer service resolved the issue quickly, patiently, and pleasantly. I do not hesitate to recommend this product. Thank you very much.”

-Barbara Mckenna

Well-Made and Designed

“Lemon mate mist I consider to be the best deordorizer on the market, This eliminates all odors quickly with real lemon fresh smell and most natural product as an air freshner. Have use commercial products over the yrs such as; ozum, glad, lysol etc. I only use lemon mate as a household air-freshner only, and also this is a non-aerosol spray”

The Best Deordorizer on the Market

“Have used this product for years and have given as a gift. It is awesome. Just a small spray throughout various rooms makes the entire house feel and smell like it’s had a thorough spring cleaning. The fresh lemon scent is exhilarating – just lifts your spirit. Unlike other sprays the contents last a long time because you just need short bursts to freshen an entire room. Great product.”

Great Product

“Love this stuff! I have never liked typical air fresheners, they always made the air seem “thick” to me…but this stuff does not, it breathes clean and smells good. Disguises bathroom odors well. (I live in a old house with less than perfect bathroom ventilation). Have tried the 4 citrus scents they have (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit), they’re all good, it’s just personal preference.”

-J. Lowe

Breathes clean and smells good

“I have used Lemon-Mate Mist for quite a few years and find the lemon version of this product amazing! It has a lovely scent that actually eliminates odours rather than masking them as other products do. I like the idea that it is “All Natural” and “Non-Aerosol” as well. A friend once asked me if I was baking a lemon pie after coming to my home soon after I had used the Lemon-Mate air freshener.”

All Natural and Non-Aerosol

“First discover this product at a friends house. I like it so much that I made a point of going to her house just so I could spray the refreshing scent. I use my friends product up and now I am making sure that I have plenty on hand so I can replace hers and have plenty for myself. Just love Orange mate products I have tried all the scents but especially like Lime and Grapefruit. The product is also great for pet stains and smells.”

Great for Pets!

“I’ve looked everywhere for this product. I bought my first bottle at the Christmas fair at Tacoma dome in Tacoma, WA. It lasts a long time and leaves a very pleasant smell and is safe: Nonaerosol and all natural. I don’t use many products that you spray in the air because I am afraid of what it will do to my lungs. This is the best I have found and used. Thanks!”

Excellent Products
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